The WAI Powder Coating System effectively puts one more durable,
simple finishing option within the reach of anyone who wants it. Powder
coating works by electrostatically applying a powder to metal (and
some-non-metal) surfaces. The coated piece is then heated in a
standard non-food prep. electric oven at 400°F for approximate 30
minutes. The resulting finish looks like paint but is more durable and

Powder coating is the process of electrostatically spraying pulverized
particles of plastic (usually polyester or polyurethane) onto a clean
metal substrate (the part to be coated).
The applied powder is then heated (cured) at a temperature of 400°F
peak metal temperature for 10-30 minutes.
Once the part has been cured for the proper time, and is cool to the
touch, the part is ready to be placed into service.
Powder coating offers superior durability and is very resistant to
corrosion, cracking, UV rays, scratches, grease, and most chemicals.
Powder coating easily turns unattractive parts, into beautifully
coated works of art!
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