high amp ford truck
The  TAD-275SP Series Ford Diesel alternator fits ALL 1999-2007
F250, F350, F450, and F550 trucks and all 2000-2005 Ford
Excursion SUV's with either the 7.3L or 6.0L V8 Powerstroke Diesel

It is the high output alternator solution for power hungry, high current
demand vehicles such as Shuttle busses, cutaway chassis
applications such as work and service trucks, as well as High
Performance Car Audio systems.  This alternator excels on vehicles
that spend extended periods idling with large current demands and
alternator output is most critical.

The original 6G Ford diesel alternator on these trucks was only
rated at 110 amps and only makes 60 amps at idle! With this diesel
alternator you are gaining an incredible 130 amps of extra output,

These alternators are  NOT just overwound stock Ford high output
alternators with low or zero output at idle like the competition sells
that just don't work, The TAD-275SP is a specially designed Large
Case Ford diesel high output alternator that weighs an incredible
8lbs more than the stock Ford 6G alternator, and is capable of
producing the large amounts of output that the factory Ford diesel
alternators are just not capable of! Dont be fooled by other
manufacturers claims of their so-called high output Ford alternators,
they are no match for the TAD series of alternators.

The TAD series alternator is manufactured exclusively for Nations  
The TAD-275SP is the overall best performing Ford Powerstroke
diesel alternator we make, and it produces a full 2/3 of its rated
output at idle! Simply put, there isnt another alternator like this that
will deliver this kind of output at ALL speeds!

All of our SP series alternators have our exclusive USA made and
special hand wound, heavy duty stator windings that gives our
alternators their incredible low speed output and also lets the
alternator run much cooler than other stator windings and deliver
unmatched performance!

With this alternator you have our guarantee that it will:

The overall best performing alternator we make!

Be a Direct Bolt on OEM fit with no modifications necessary for easy

Give you high performance at idle, 190 Amps, which means that
your vehicle will always have the power it needs.

Is compatible with the vehicles computer for worry free, NO trouble
code installation.

Built from 100% BRAND-NEW USA made parts!

Comes standard with our custom hard anodized billet aluminum
pulley for MAXIMUM output at idle! Other companies charge as
much as $60 extra for these pulleys!

Comes with heavy duty rectifiers that feature six, 75 amp diodes in
Solid Copper heat sinks for optimal current transfer and optimum
heat dissipation under high heat, high output situations resulting in
better outputs and longer life.

Comes standard with a custom designed and engineered
heavy-duty internal regulator features built in short circuit protection,
over temperature shutdown, and also over voltage shutdown for the
utmost safety and reliability. Our PRO-SP series alternators can also
be externally regulated per customer request.
We use only premium double sealed high temperature rated
bearings from NTN and NSK on precision computer balanced rotors
for maximum bearing life even under heavy loads.

Features high copper content brushes and small diameter slip rings
for the longest service life possible!

All of this adds up to be the best High- Amp replacement alternator
available anywhere, sold at a competitive price and backed up with
a full 2-year replacement warranty!
Big Tyme Industries Trust Nations
To Power Their Monster Excursion!
Your alternator is handling the new
power draws with out breaking a
sweat!!  This thing is AWESOME!!!  My
voltage runs 14.6 to 14.8 and never
drops below 13.4 no matter how loud I
crank it up or what I have on!!!"
Don Brooks
"Good Morning Adam and Merry
Received the alternator, installed
Saturday.  "THAT'S WHAT I'M
TALKING ABOUT".  You nailed the
problem and fixed it.  Never had this
type of output at idle!.  Shazzam, I've
got 14.5 volts at idle and still holding
12.8 volts with everything thing
running including the glow plugs
cycling and more than 600 watts of
lights on (AT 650RPM).  "Grinning At
Idle, in North Pole, Alaska"
Steve Proctor "
TAD-275 High Amp Diesel Alternator
If you have questions or special request please call or e-mail our sales team. We can special build any type of alternator to
meet your custom needs. Custom finishes such as powder coating & polishing are available.
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